Birds of Aurora Farm

Wedgetail Eagle having wallaby for breakfast

Here at Aurora Farm we have an incredible array of birds, particularly Birds of Pray. The number of Raptors that are regularly seen is simply amazing and it makes it easy to spend time watching them go about their hunting with their own styles. The graceful soaring of the Wedgetails and Sea Eagles, the high speed manoeuvres of the Falcons, the hovering of the Harriers, the Grey Goshawk (the Tasmanian white morph) sitting on a fence post or on a tree branch and at night the screech of the endemic Tasmanian Masked Owl pierces the silence.

The density of these marvellous birds has led to a researcher commencing a prey survey. We are very interested to see their results. With the exception of perhaps a couple of chicks, we haven’t lost any lambs or other animals to the Raptors. The one lamb that has been taken by birds we lost to crows, who are also the prime suspects for the chicks that disappear.

The pages below are the birds that we see here at Aurora farm. Typically the poor photos are ours, the high quality ones we’ve taken from various sources for illustrative purposes.

Wedgetail Eagle

Swamp Harrier

Superb Fairywren

Sea Eagle

Grey Goshawk